Hurst, Berkshire
Wooded Hill
A website for Hurst
Hurst n. wooded hill, hillock, wood.
[Old English hyrst, related to Old Saxon,
Old High German hurst, horst]
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In honour of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee
Platinum Jubilee
The Winners:
Thank-you to everyone who took part in our Hurst Treasure Hunt over the Jubilee weekend. We hope you enjoyed the challenge!
Most of the clues were correctly solved by at least one team, and although there were a few that left you all stumped, there were some very creative and inventive alternative answers!
Our congratulations go to the top four teams:
  • Hurstborn! - first overall, and the highest scores in sections 2, 3 and 4
  • The Denley's - a fine second place, including the highest score for section 1
  • Si & Nic - a valiant third place, with some high scores in the picture clues
  • Buttercup Babes - rounding off the top four, helped by some of the highest scores in the picture clues, and joint first place in the cryptic questions in section 3
Well done to everyone who competed!
You are invited to join a free treasure hunt around the village over the Jubilee weekend.
Split into four sections each just over a mile, the hunt follows roads and footpaths around the village.
There is a set of picture clues for things to spot in each section, along with some crossword-style cryptic clues. A full set of directions is provided for each section.
If you wish to take part then please use the links below to download the information.
Good luck!
When can I do the Treasure Hunt?
At any time over the Jubilee weekend, 2nd - 5th June 2022
What is the deadline for submitting answers?
Tuesday 7th June. Please send your completed clues from the four sections of the Treasure Hunt (or as many sections as you attempted) to:
Jubilee Treasure Hunt, 6 Tape Lane, Hurst RG10 0DP
Do I need to complete all four sections?
No, you can do as many or as few as you choose
How long is the route?
The full route is approximately 5 miles. It has been split it into four roughly equal sections, each with its own direction and clue sheets. The sections can be tackled one at a time if you like.
Are there any facilities along the route?
The treasure hunt passes close to: Opening times may vary over the Jubilee weekend. Check their websites or contact them direct for details.
What does it cost to enter?
Nothing. Just your time, effort and brain power
What can I win?
There are no prizes - this is just for fun. And prestige, if you are the winner
When will the results be announced?
Once all the submissions have been marked, we aim to get these out before the end of June
Where will the results be announced?
The results will be published here, on the Jubilee website and on Facebook
Will the answers be published?
No. We may want to use the Treasure Hunt again for a future event
Is this the same as the Treasure Hunt used for the 2012 Diamond Jubilee?
It is based on the original, but clues and routes have been updated
How do I submit my answers?
Please deliver your answers to:
Hurst Jubilee Treasure Hunt, 6 Tape Lane, RG10 0DP
Make sure your answer sheets are clearly marked with your team name.
When you have completed the Treasure Hunt, please deliver your answers to:
Hurst Jubilee Treasure Hunt, 6 Tape Lane, RG10 0DP
Make sure your answer sheets are clearly marked with your team name.
Platinum Jubilee
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