Hurst, Berkshire
Wooded Hill
A website for Hurst
Hurst n. wooded hill, hillock, wood.
[Old English hyrst, related to Old Saxon,
Old High German hurst, horst]
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Hurst Weather
Saturday 20 July 2024 09:57

Temperature 20°C
Feels like 19°C
Wind SSW 7mph, gust 11mph
Visibility Good - Between 10-20 km
Precipitation 8%
Max UV index 3
Brighter and warmer in east, cooler and cloudier in west.

Very warm and often bright with sunny spells in the east, perhaps with a risk of afternoon heavy showers. Cloudy and cooler in the west with outbreaks of rain, mainly later, these potentially heavy at times. Maximum Temperature 27C.

Cloudy in west with outbreaks of rain, perhaps heavy at first. Clear spells further east with any showers slowly fading, but a low risk of thunderstorms clipping east Kent. Muggy. Minimum Temperature 15C.

A mostly cloudy start with some rain at first. This moving eastwards to clear Kent by mid-afternoon, with sunny spells following on. Warm, but less so than recent days. Maximum Temperature 25C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:
Cloudy and breezy with outbreaks of rain on Monday. Drier and brighter Tuesday and Wednesday with a risk of showers on Tuesday. Feeling warm again.

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